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Data Storage

NITF offers a breakthrough in data storage and document back-up: easy access. Now you can have all of your active files and applications securely stored in case of system failure, and you can have easy access and sharing capabilities to the same documents via the web or through our custom software solution. Clients can even grant access to others, such as those in other branches, those traveling or those working from home.

Our custom software can automatically and remotely back up client data, including databases like Access and Excel, word processing documents, and can back up SQL servers.

With automatic, remote back up, our clients pay no courier or shipping fees to get the information to our offices. The information is downloaded and stored in our servers, accessible to the client via the web or or custom software.

Data files can be easily lost due to human error, viruses, hardware failure, natural disaster, or theft. Back up is just part of the answer: easy, fast recovery is the key to successful data storage and to keeping clients' businesses moving.

Key facts:

  • It takes 19 days and costs in excess of $20,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes of information.
  • Accidental deletions can cause 30 times more destruction that viruses.
  • US businesses lose $255 billion each year to viruses and hacking.
  • Approximately 34.4% percent of all unplanned downtime occurred due to human error.

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